Training and Education

Teaching theoretical background and practical skills

The training of A. S. & Co. give you both theoretical background as well as practical skills in many applications with our systems in forensics, geology, life sciences and industry.

For this purpose we offer individual training on the following topics:

Basics of Microscopy:

  • general knowledge of magnification and resolution of microscopes
  • beam guidance in reflected and transmitted light, optical contrast methods
  • fluorescence microscopy, applications and calibration capabilities
  • cameras and digital imaging / -evaluation

Aspects of the microscope spectroscopy

  • optical preconditions in the light microscope
  • measurement principles in spectroscopy
  • selection of the appropriate spectral sensor
  • optimization by monochromators and filters
  • use of reference material and calibration lamps
  • display of results
  • standardization and development of inter-laboratory measurement and evaluation methods
  • development of test methods
  • sample preparation for microscope spectroscopy