Microscope Equipment

Components for highest Precision and easy Handling

Modern microscopes are usually designed for as large fields of view as possible and on this basis for photographic and video documentation. In contrast, UV-NIR spectroscopy requires an infinitesimal small measuring spot to detect the spectral characteristics at a point of measurement. Satisfactory results can only be achieved if adequate illumination apertures suppress the stray light in the beam path and on the sensor side the shape and size of the measuring spot also can be influenced. Further it has to be considered, that even at magnifications starting from 400x adjustment has still to be performed with the required precision. Therefore, the pinholes (measuring apertures) of A. S. & Co. are equipped with additional positioning elements for the fine adjustment.

DUV-suitable spectrometer coupling
  • xy-fiber alignment of the collimator
  • Adjustment of pinhole size and position
  • z-focusing

Moreover, when using Deep UV and NIR illuminations, it is in our opinion absolutely necessary, to decide for additional auxiliary illuminations in order to center the light sources and to position the samples. The experience shows that these high energy densities can lead to significant changes of optical surfaces and lenses. To reduce maintenance and interruptions for calibrations as far as possible, it is advisable to activate these types of radiation only for the actual measurement process and otherwise to prevent any use of it.

Concerning the microscope adapters of A. S. & Co. it was of utmost importance that the individual components can be combined in a modular and flexible manner. Therefore, ordinary fiber adapters for the integration of sensors as well as complex DUV collimators and integrated illumination modules equipped with elements for fine positioning can be assembled in such a way that optimal versions for all applications are available.

Microscope Adapters for Signal Transmission


  • Direct coupling to a photomultiplier
  • Indirect transmission via a optical fiber

Deep UV NIR light guide collimator with integrated pinhole

Deep UV NIR light guide collimator with integrated pinhole illumination

  • Beam path adaption of fiber coupled modules to the optical specifications of the microscope
  • Three and one lens collimators for light guides with a diameter 4 – 8 mm
  • Available as DUV-NIR and VIS-IR versions
  • Optimizes the optical path to the measuring pinhole
  • Combinable with rectangle-,fix- and iris diaphragm
  • Integrated x/y alignment for adjusting the fiber to the optical axis of the microscope
  • Contains an illumination module with a front diffuser: homogeneous illumination of the measuring area, quick adjustment of pinholes through phototube back projection

Combinable with fiber coupled deuterium, XBO and halogen lamps as well as XBO flashes and various monochromators

microscope adapter for fixed apertures

Standard microscope adapter for fixed apertures with defined diameter

  • interchangeable fixed apertures between 1 micron and 1 mm
  • standardized conditions at defined diameter
  • thin membranes in black anodized supporting frames suppress diffraction patterns and color fringes


  • precise adjustment to the optical axis in combination with A.S. & Co. x/y alignment


  • standardized processes in production control or
  • for petrography in order to work according to DIN / ISO and ASTM standards
  • high precise excitation profiles by laser sources
Light guide, fiber collimation and pinhole systems

Light guide, fiber collimation with x/y/z alignment and pinhole systems for all kind of excitation and measurement processes

  • Interchangeable fixed pinholes with different diameters
  • variable iris apertures
  • rotatable rectangle apertures

Precise adjustment to the optical axis in combination with A.S. & Co. fiber collimation, adjustable in x/y/z- direction.

Microscope adapter with adjustable fiber collimation

Microscope adapter comprising the fiber collimation system and high precision x/y/z alignment

  • microscope adapter with x/y/z-positioning, available with manufacturer-specific coupling to all standard microscope types
  • UV-optimized design allows loss-free working with Deep UV or NIR illuminations
  • enables the precise adjustment of the pinhole onto the optical axis of the microscope

High precision alignment for spots with a diameter of a few microns in combination with 1000x microscope magnification.

Microscope Halogen Fiber Coupling

Microscope Halogen Fiber Coupling

  • mounting for a microscope lamp housing that contains a collimation optic projecting into a SMA adapter for use as a light source in an optical fiber arrangement
  • the setup is Deep UV- suitable and can be used for LED and halogen lamps as well as in combination with HBO or XBO lamps
  • Via a pedestal mounting the lamp can be fixed to a base plate.
Light guide expansion optics

Light guide expansion optics for full field illumination

  • light guide collimation for full illumination of the microscopic field of view
  • integrated x/y-alignment for adjusting the fiber onto the optical axis of the microscope
  • centerable deflecting mirror to adjust the expanded beam into the microscope
  • available as DUV-NIR and VIS-NIR version
  • suitable for monochromatic light sources with high radiation intensity

Beam expansion for monochromators, laser diodes, cw and pulse laser, coupling for excitation of fluorescence via XBO-flash lamps

Modules for Increasing Precision and Reproducibility

The reproducibility of a spectroscopic measurement can be significantly improved by automating the processes. For this purpose all manufacturers provide motorized microscope stands. However, functions such as motorized z-focus, electronic coordination of revolvers, TV outputs and the condenser does not affect the spectroscopic result.

Switchable Diaphragms
Very interesting are the possibilities of light management. The adjustments of aperture and luminous field diaphragm are greatly influencing the amount of stray light and thus the dynamic of the signal. With motorized stands diaphragm control and spectroscopy are synchronized. Especially the luminous field diaphragm control is able to accelerate the working process. However, a certain discontinuity will remain, because the diaphragm is a mechanically moving part, which needs time to be moved and the adjustment of which has to be checked continuously.

An alternative is the light management module of A.S. & Co.. It is based on a separation of the illumination types. It positions the measuring light source behind the luminous field diaphragm and an additional light source in front of the field diaphragm. While the measurement unit consisting of field diaphragm and light source does not have to be moved, the sample positioning can be performed over the entire microscopic field of view without loss of contrast using the additional light source.

The system is coordinated by a controller of A.S. & Co.. It can be easily used with any microscope, including also manual stands. As a result, the adjustment of the pinhole (measuring aperture) is performed with such a high precision that diffraction patterns of nanoparticles can be analyzed spectroscopically.

DUV light-management-module External rectangle pinhole DUV light-management-module coupled at the microscope

DUV light-management-module with integrated pinhole and additional light source for external coupling to the microscope

  • the illumination for the spectroscopic measurement of the sample is done via fiber-coupled external lamps.
  • synchronization is performed with the A.S. & Co. controller.
  • the fiber can be adjusted to the optical axis of the system by a separate x / y alignment.
  • a rectangle pinhole is available. The length of each side can be adjusted individually by 4 adjustment srews.
  • at a magnification of 1600x, an area <2x2 microns can be illuminated.
  • the rectangle shape can be centered exactly in the optical axis of modern light microscopes.
  • mounted stationary in the beam path, i.e. no moving parts in the measuring beam path
  • Application Advantages:

    • the excitation light is precisely focused on the sample
    • stray light is prevented
    • optimal positioning of the sample while avoiding any misalignments, because there are no parts to be moved in the beam path.

    Application Examples:

    • Measurement of smallest structures,
    • Investigations on Dispersed Organic Matter (DOM)

Modified spectro phototube: The standard phototube was optimized to a higher light throughput. Since all optimizations potentiate, the improved light throughput at the tube has a positive impact on the overall performance and reproducibility.

Together with the A. S. & Co. product "Live overlay module" the illumination pinholes and measuring pinholes are reflected direct to the eyepiece. The viewer observes the sample image as well as the aperture, its position, size and sharpness simultaneously live. It requires no extra offline camera image on the monitor, which needs to be re-calibrated each time you change the magnification.

Live Overlay Module for microscopes

Live Overlay Module

  • embedded in reflector revolver module
  • sample and pinhole can be overlaid online through the eyepiece.
  • the viewer observes the sample image as well as the aperture, its position, size and sharpness simultaneously live
  • requires no extra offline camera image on the monitor, which needs to be re-calibrated each time you change the magnification

Application Advantage:
Precise positioning of extremely small structures

DUV Koehler Condenser

DUV Koehler Condenser with High Precision Fine Drive

  • Koehler condenser with high precision fine drive developed by von A.S. & Co.
  • designed to align an extremely small pinhole under high magnification.

Application Examples:

  • Measurements on the limits of the optical resolution in light microscopy
  • Investigations on Dispersed Organic Matter (DOM)
  • Discrimination of different black fibers
Swivel-mounted green filter IF (546nm) for vitrinite reflectance and fluorescence

Swivel-mounted green filter IF (546nm) for vitrinite reflectance and fluorescence

  • can be optionally integrated above the phototube
  • the beam path to the eyepiece is kept open
  • the sample can be observed in the white light and be measured with IF green filter without any additional step

Application Advantages:

  • enables vitrinite and fluorescence measurement at identical sample positions without any system modifications and thus without centering the beam path again
  • extremely convenient handling

UV-NIR fiber collimation

UV-NIR fiber collimation with swivel-mounted illumination module

  • For coupling light guides into the microscope
  • Continuously adjustable optics in x/y/z- direction for all current types of light guides
  • A swivel-mounted illumination module is simulating the beam path of the light guide and provides the precise alignment of the beam path as well as the illumination of the pinhole

Polarizer (manual and motorized)

  • Polarizer slider for Zeiss microscopes
  • For use in combination with HBO,XBO and UV fluorescenilluminations
  • Standardconfiguration: 360° continuously rotatable
  • Motorized version (picture left) with stepper motor and control electronic module as a customized product on demand
Manual filter slider

Manual filter slider
Able to be integrated in standard couplings, in order to position additional color-, correction-, attenuation- or calibration filters in case of individual application requirements