Overview of Functional Units

SpectraVision of A. S. & Co combines different functionally self-contained modules to workstations that are easy to use, require little maintenance and solve a measurement problem with the best possible physical significance. Our concepts are modular and can therefore be adapted individually to different requirements.

Our modules are characterized by technical innovations. They

  • increase the sensitivity of systems through efficient beam guidance
  • increase the precision of the measurements by adjustable units in live-overlay mode
  • extend the validity of the results by new calibration options
  • facilitate handling

As a customer you have the following options

Microscope modules for spectroscopy

Available Sensors

  • spectrometers with high resolution or maximum sensitivity
  • PMTs and diodes with wide dynamic range for weak signals and
  • CCD cameras for easy documentation or extreme lighting conditions

Available illumination options

  • stabilized lamps with high luminance and continuous spectra
  • pulsed excitations by xenon flash lamps and lasers
  • stabilized monochromatic illumination by CW and pulse lasers
  • wavelength-specific radiation with high switching frequencies or extreme accuracy

in combination with

  • y-fiber optics for uniform irradiation of multiple light sources and
  • mono light guides for the highest efficiency
  • adapters and centerable collimator systems for highest precision

Available Microscope options

A broad range of the most common microscopes from Zeiss, Leica or Nikon can be used to adapt our spectrometers or to upgrade with spectrometers

  • manually operated microscopes of older and new designs
  • motorized microscope stands with integrated Z-drive and component control
  • TV microscopes and other optical settings, whose two-stage mapping provides microscopic basic conditions for tasks in machine vision applications.

The microscope-spectrometer hardware can be combined with:

  • control software of all components in motorized equipment
  • external controllers for a variety of additional features relating to microscopy
  • PC integrated circuits for controlling manual stands

All modules are coordinated by our SpectraVision software. In keeping with our overall concept the SpectraVision software is also assembled modular. Thus, different hardware modules may be controlled and included in the measurement process. This is possible, inter alia, for a number of older microscope photometers of Carl Zeiss or for the Leica MPV series. In addition, with the SpectraVision basic package the most important results can be displayed, optimized and exported. Furthermore, a wide variety of upgrade modules are available for applications in the

  • forensic fiber analysis
  • classification of seam coal by determination of vitrinite reflectance
  • geological maturation studies
  • colorimetric investigation of paints, materials and surfaces
  • calculation of transparent coatings on glass surfaces
  • detection of layer thicknesses of surface-treated metals
  • determination of particle sizes and distributions in colloidal mixtures
Microscope prism set for DUV

The SpectraVision concept is completed by universal accessories - and innovative support. Examples are the

  • enabling of our Remote Support
  • attractive maintenance agreements