Microscope Spectroscopy for Life Science

Quantitative Real Color Measurement

In life sciences, real color detections allow interesting insights and answers over a wide spectral range with resolutions below one nanometer.

Microscope spectrometers by A. S. & Co. are modular and scalable to meet the needs of users, from simple standard construction on the basis of laboratory microscopes (or already existing microscopes) up to a high precise system solutions specialized to the individual user profiles.

The quantitative Life Science Microscopy is currently strongly influenced by studies on immunohistochemistry. This is done mainly by classical fluorescence measurements based on video and confocal microscopes. The dye excitation occurs through a variety of different light sources. For options click modules / illumination systems.

Fluorescence double labeling
Spectral comparison of autofluorescence

The sensors detect intensities in back of specific color filters to provide predominantly black and white or pseudo colored results. Furthermore, the user can measure spectral distributions with color resolutions in the nanometer range.

Classical histology staining

Another focus is the recording of ultrafast electron transitions at the single molecule level. This molecule-specific analysis usually focuses on closely limited spectral windows, so that it is also done predominantly with filters and monochrome detecting sensors.

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