Consulting with technical and economical issues

Support in Engineering, System Configuration and Purchase

The A. S. & Co. Network is a group of engineers and professionals of different orientation. CAD draftsman and development planners for electronics and mechanics with years of experience are included as well as specialists in optics, science, and IT solutions. In addition, the core team will be accompanied by a number of external scientists whose expertise may also be included in the success of a project execution. Because the individual specialists are involved in the projects according to requirements, you will pay only the actual paid services and not for the overhead of a large company.

The central key points of our software are developed by us. Therefore we are able to provide our customers a perfect platform for system control. Additional requirements can be integrated through the purchase of supplementary packages. Advantages of this strategy become obvious, for example, in multi-stage process automation, where different devices with their individual software functions have to be combined in a way that complex processes can be successfully automatized.

Assistance with new Process Solutions

If you go for new process solutions, we offer support and develop innovative overall concepts. According to your objectives and demands, we will establish a detailed profile of requirements. On this basis, we make suggestions for devices and their configuration. In order to synchronize various modules from different manufacturers we clarify the technical details and functions of their devices as well as the way to control them. We also develop ideas for new approaches, as illustrated by the following two examples:

  • When regarding the beam path of an image analysis system, which is integrated in an evaluation system in extreme narrow space, would it be possible to expand this beam path in a way, that infrared optics can be added for additional spectroscopy measurements, or does the present compact structure force, for example, a second optical beam guidance.
  • When microscopic measurements should be performed, is it essential to do this with a traditional microscope stand or is it possible to receive a result of comparable quality by a simple two-stage optical arrangement that could be much more compact in comparison with a microscope.

Technical Purchase Consulting

As a manufacturer-independent company we are able to advise you as partners in the selection of suitable optical devices. Especially when it comes to the procurement of complex systems, the knowledge of technical details is a very useful economic factor. A microscope stand can be quickly designed in a way that it is suitable for use with the currently required purpose, but future intentions may be left unconsidered. An example is the objective turret. It is usually part of the microscope stand and a later exchange as a single component will be possible only in exceptional cases. Therefore, it depends highly on its configuration, if later it will be necessary to buy a new stand, or whether continued use is possible.

Microscope modules for spectroscopy

According to the above explanations, we will advise you in the selection of systems and their configuration. We will contact different manufacturers and clarify with them the technical details, thus ensuring an optimal configuration of your system. We pay attention that in the short term only those components will be purchased that are really necessary for your current application without losing the sight for potential requirements in the future. Thus we contribute to maintain the value of your investment in the long-term.