Optical Surface Inspection

Anti Reflectance Properties of Coatings

Spectra coated vs. uncoated lens

On transparent surfaces a certain share of light is reflected and creates stray light. Antireflective coatings are required to reduce this, especially when complex optical systems are designed such as objectives. Therefore it is necessary to validate the calculations of the antireflective coating. From the metrological point of view this means, that the spectrometer must be able to detect a reflectance of 0.1 % with an accuracy of +/- 1 %. Extremely small measurement spots are necessary to use this technology on curved surfaces like lenses.

The instruments of A.S. & Co. match these requirements in many laboratories and production plants of the optical industry for years, because they are equipped with a highly efficient optical pathway in combination with an extremely sensitive cooled spectrometer.

Surface of a sealing ring
Spectra from curved surface