Maintenance and Support Custom Made

Analysis and Problem Solving immediately with Remote Diagnosis or on Site by Appointment

Remote Diagnosis

Remote diagnosis allows us to inspect your system by telediagnosis via internet without the need to visit you on site. Our staff will see exactly the same display on his screen as you. Via remote diagnosis we are able to perform necessary settings and operations together with you. We will guide you step by step through the software and lead you through the active diagnostic process - to solve your problem successfully.

The necessary software is preinstalled on your PC and ready to use. Each remote diagnostic session is password protected. You can stop it at any time and you will keep full control in every phase. After finishing the online diagnostics the internet connection is disconnected.

Advantages of Remote Diagnosis:

  • Immediate solution of problem directly on the system
  • Communication problems that can occur in the telephone communication will be excluded
  • In 80% of all cases, the problem can be solved
  • This saves time and money

Remote Service Options
To have quick help if needed take one of our 2 service options on prepayment basis: Booking of a total of 4 or 8 hours remote sessions that can be taken according to requirements in single units of 30 minutes. Each session will be documented in a standardized report, which will be transferred to the user.

Maintenance and Care

The team from A.S. & Co. offers you individual and flexible service contracts, adapted to your requirements for installations, upgrades, requalifications or in case of a repair. Optional to all contracts, A.S. & Co. offers a QC package for the manual or automated requalification of your microscope-spectrometer workstation, using filter-calibrationstandards. Please contact us for a quote or a discussion of your requirements

Silver Contract (Type I) Gold-Contract (Type II)
The “Silver” contract (Type I) is a cost-effective service contract that covers the yearly preventative maintenance with system tests and inspection record. Spare parts and travel costs are not included. The Gold contract (type II) is a repair service agreement; in addition to the benefit of the silver contract, the costs for working time and travel time for all approved repairs are already included.
Platinum-Contract (Type III) Customer-specific Agreements
The Platinum contract (type III) offers all premium features – fast response, preventative maintenance or requalification of your system with final system test and inspection record; necessary spare parts as well as travel costs and travel time/working time are already included. The customer-specific agreement can adapt the yearly maintenance and service to your individual requirements ( e.g. in case of maintenance of several systems, for special test protocols or special QC requirements).

Service Contracts for A.S. Microscope-Spectrometers Silver Gold Platinum
Remote controlled system check and user support (must have remote access)
Yearly preventative maintenance – on site
System- and functionality test
  • mechanical adjustments
  • electrical adjustments
Specification test for requalification
System test and validation
Cleaning of the system
Function test of the spectrometer hardware
Check for software updates
Standardized final system test with performance report
Repairs and working time included  
Mileage / travel time included  
Expenses included  
Necessary spare parts with a 10% discount    
Necessary spare parts included  
IQ/OQ documentation and extended test and performance report    
Hard- and software updates free of charge    
Short response time 2 business days (requirement: remote access)    

Optional extensions: QC-package

  • Hardware: A.S. & Co. filter-calibration standards mounted in sliders or filter wheels to ensure the sensor’s linearity
  • SpektraVision QC-Module (measuring sequence and protocol for microscope and spectrometer calibration)
  • Automatized measurement resulting in a protocol, which shows the system performance during the measurement
  • Requalification of the workstation with IQOQ execution and documentation
  • Relocation service
  • Inspection for “out of warranty” systems – not applicable when service contract was signed at the time of the system order
  • Additional service visit for 2 yearly inspections