Service for microscope spectroscopy

Support from system configuration to equipment maintenance

Tight budgets and changing requirement profiles nowadays call for special technical know-how and a good overview of appropriate solutions when making investments. With our 25 years of experience in the field of optical metrology coupled with microscopy, we support and advise you in this case from the beginning - i.e. from the configuration of the workstation up to subsequent maintenance and extensions through product upgrades. Our service and support are contributing to preserve the value of your investment over the long term and to ensure optimum productivity.

We are not tight to special manufacturers. Thus, we are configuring your workstation by selecting modules suitable for your application from different manufacturers.

In case of purchase of a new system A.S. & Co. undertakes

  • the configuration of the microscope
  • the selection and integration of sensors and software modules
  • the integration of potential external accessories
  • commissioning and installation on site
  • system testing and documentation in a taking-over certificate
  • • implementation of standard methods for daily routine applications

In addition, we provide recommendations for the selection of the correct server and ask our partners to make proposals for the preparation and integration of the devices in laboratory information management systems.

In case of a system upgrade or a technical update, we examine

  • the existing hardware in terms of further use
  • the hardware integration in the SpectraVision software concept
  • the adoption of existing software
  • upgrade of user files and personal settings

The support by A. S. & Co. is completed by

  • individual training
  • advanced workshops and seminars
  • Maintenance contracts with different performance levels