Focus on color measurement

We offer manufacturing and sales of light microscope solutions with integration of spectrometers and imaging systems for projects in research, development and production. One focus is the quantitative real color measurement with individual designs to optimize the UV and NIR range.

A.S. & Co. GmbH

Complex tasks require increasingly cross-device thinking. In general, it is no longer about a single product, but the coupling of different technologies. A. S. & Co. was founded in 1998 to meet this requirement for system integration. For this we use our expertise in the fields of biology, optoelectronics, engineering and computer science. This results in our own innovative developments, which can be combined with different types of microscopes and light sources for specialized applications in forensic science, geology / petrology and industry.

Individual concepts for investments with a sense of proportion

According to particular requirements we assemble customized workstations, whereby flexible combinations of different measurement techniques will be applied. When new purchases are planned it is an important economic goal to keep the best use of existing equipment and to integrate these. Another important key aspect here is the seamless comparison between older and newer data measurements. The migration of measurement data and the joint processing of results of different systems, therefore, are the focus of our work. Our proposals can be validated and certified according to international standards.

Vendor independence

For the compilation of the workstations we work regardless of the manufacturer and select the modules suitable for your application from different manufacturers. This provides for a technologically and economically optimized product. We consider different computers and operating systems, and find up to date communications, storage and security concepts.